About Us

Winner of the NJBIC Community Change Award at the 37th Annual NJBIC Leadership Conference, given by the New Jersey Black Issues Conference, Magnificent Men Mentoring Group was selected for it;s outstanding work educating the youth of New Jersey.  Our organization serves middle school students to adult males by providing mobile self-empowerment workshops, group mentoring sessions and special events.
Our purpose is to provide guidance in assisting individuals to develop sound character, promote financial, educational and spiritual growth. 
We have collaborated with State Senator Troy Singleton, Lafayette Academy M256 District 3 Manhattan, Rikers Island Correctional Facility, New York Public Library, Burlington City, New Jersey Mayor Conaway, Planned Parenthood of North, Central and South Jersey, O League, West Philadelphia High School, Woodrow Wilson Middle School and to name a few. Our team is dedicated to educating, motivating and inspiring those that we serve in our communities. 
Our team is also available as panelist and keynote speakers.
In 2014, The Magnificent Men Mentoring Group was founded by 2x best-selling author, inspirational speaker and workforce development consultant Randall E. Toby. Mr. Toby is also a 2-time best-selling co-author of the “Suited for Success”, book series. It features stories from 25 African American Men who have faced tremendous obstacles in their lives but succeeded anyway. His chapter which is titled “Let Your Situation Be Your Motivation” discusses the importance of not allowing your pain and failures to keep you from walking towards your purpose in life. Mr. Toby uses his own life as an example having faced and overcome homelessness several times as a child as well as an adult.

He is also the creator of the “Breakfast with Our Boy’s SSeries, a 2 hour discussion with boy’s 12-18 years of age on topics important to their positive growth.