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The Magnificent Men Mentoring Group was founded by Randall E. Toby and is a self-sustaining council of thoughtful concerned men and women dedicated to enriching the lives of others, those that we love and our communities. We serve male youth
Donations assist us in reaching more people with the resources that move families and communities forward. This support is critical and truly helps us to changes lives, especially for the youth and our work in impoverished communities. You can help by donating to the campaign. We appreciate you being part of our mission to educate, motivate and empower others.
About Us
The Magnificent Men Mentoring Group, is a self-sustaining council of thoughtful concerned men and women dedicated to enriching each others lives, those that we love and our communities. That is why we say our efforts reach far beyond the participants; those that benefit include our wives, girlfriends family, jobs, parents as well as other significant relationships.
Magnificent Men Mentoring Group is always looking for people from various backgrounds, talents and skill levels to be part of our team. Our needs are often specifically based on special events, meetings and workshops, but we’ll do our best to accommodate your desire to get involved.
What We Do
◾Conduct ongoing discussion groups where men / youth can share experiences and concerns. ◾Sponsor events and conferences on issues of importance within the male experience. ◾Provide day or weekend “intensives” to more deeply explore issues such as aging, intimacy, sexuality, fathering, and careers ◾Volunteer time and energy to community service projects. ◾Support men / youth dealing with life issues within the limits of peer mentoring


  • I grew up without a dad, so having the opportunity to share my thoughts with a group of men who understood what I have been feeling was a blessing. Now I don't feel so alone.

    Pedro (Bronx, New York)


  • I really didn't care about going to college. After speaking to one of the Magnificent Men Team Leaders I now have a better understanding of the importance of education and have a new outlook on life in general.

    Marcus (Brooklyn, New York)

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