About Us

Magnificent Men Mentoring Group


The Magnificent Men Mentoring Group, LLC.  is a self-sustaining council of thoughtful concerned men dedicated to enriching each others lives, those that we love and our communities.  That is why we say our efforts reach far beyond the participants; those that benefit include our wives, girlfriends’ family, jobs as well as other significant relationships.

Magnificent Men

Some of the issues discussed at our forums include the always difficult challenges of male/female relations, the topic of law enforcement policies and how they impact the minority community, overcoming barriers such as incarceration and how to be better dads.  Men are encouraged to broaden their imagination; we invite men from all walks of life, various stages of their career and all backgrounds.  Our leaders encourage them to laugh, cry, share, teach and support the wiliness to have a more fulfilling life. Many of our attendees expressed the fact that they have now become better fathers, protectors, mates, creators, lovers and visionaries.

 Youth Symposium

This program is specifically geared to the youth ages 13-17 and provides structured activities and workshops for them to learn positive life skills. They are encouraged to share their ideas, stories, challenges and opinions as they learn to and practice positive coping strategies.  There are also guest speakers who share their stories and discuss issues such as bulling, prejudice, peer pressure, self esteem, drugs and teen age pregnancy. The goal is to address the concerns of our children, help them make better decisions and remind them that they can do anything. This event is held several times a year at a variety of locations.

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to help men in developing positive attitudes, restore sound character, and provide emotional and spiritual support.   Our mission is to assist every man with reaching their unlimited potential.


Our goal is to provide men with guidance from their peers who will encourage them to make healthy life choices and how to understand the principles of manhood. We also inspire, motivate and teach men to be a positive influence at home as well as in their communities.  We promote spiritual, financial and educational growth.

 Educate / Motivate / Inspire