What We Do

Magnificent Men Mentoring Group


What We Do

  • Conduct ongoing workshops, forums and seminars where men / youth can share experiences and concerns.
  • Create events and conferences on issues of importance within the male experience.
  • Provide day or weekend “intensives” to more deeply explore issues such as aging, intimacy, sexuality, fathering, and careers
  • Volunteer time and energy to community service projects.
  • Support men / youth dealing with life issues within the limits of peer mentoring.
  • “Anything is Possible” Youth Career Expo held yearly in partnership with Vanderbilt YMCA in New York.

Returning Citizens

This workshop is geared toward individuals with a criminal background and discusses the tools needed to adjust to freedom, fight temptation and how to make better choices in life. Our motto is “Don’t let a mistake keep you from your greatness”.

The core soft skills curriculum will enable participants to have a smoother transition back into society and the workplace.  Our goal is to help reduce recidivism in our communities.

Our meetings are held quarterly in New York, Southern New Jersey or Philadelphia.

Educate / Motivate / Inspire