Magnificent Men Mentoring Group



Founded by Author, Motivational / Keynote Speaker and Career Coach, Randall E. Toby in 2012, the Magnificent Men Mentoring Group is transforming the lives of the residents of New York, Philadelphia and South Jersey by providing mobile workshops, seminars, special events and group mentoring. We are a self-sustaining council of men and women from every walk of life dedicated to enriching the lives of others.


We focus on middle school students, youth and adult males and to encourage those that we serve to broaden their imagination and realize their unlimited potential.  Some of the organizations Magnificent Men Mentoring Group has partnered with include, the New York City Department of Probation, TEP Charter School, Vanderbilt YMCA, Berkeley College, New York City Public Library, Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, Burlington City High School, Pelham Preparatory Academy / CFS  and the New York City Department of Corrections where we created and facilitated a five-week leadership and self-empowerment program for incarcerated youth at Rikers Island, which is New York City’s main jail complex.


Our structured interactive workshops and events encourage attendees to share their stories, fears challenges and opinions as they learn to become leaders, develop better coping skills and increase their confidence.  Setting academic and career goals as well as encouraging an overall healthier lifestyle is also part of our training curriculum.  Our team looks forward to continuing to educate, motivate and inspire those in our communities.


 Office: 888 239-3646

Mobile Office: 908 587-4262